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What is a corner bet? How to analyze & Predict odds in 2024

Are you a football enthusiast eager to try your hand at betting? Are you looking for a type of bet that is both easy to play and has a high wintip rate? Then, corner betting is the choice for you!

A corner bet is a type of wager in football betting where players predict the number of corner kicks in a match. It is a relatively easy bet to play, not requiring too much specialized knowledge about football.

There are various types of corner bets, including:

Over/Under bets: Predict whether the total number of corner kicks in the match will be higher or lower than the number set by the bookmaker.

Handicap bets: Predict which team will have more corner kicks.

1x2 bets: Predict which team will get the first corner kick, or which team will have more corner kicks in the first or second half.

To effectively play corner bets, you need to choose a reputable bookmaker and thoroughly research information about the two competing teams. You also need to analyze the odds and select an appropriate strategy.

Over/Under, corner betting, Asian handicap, and European 1x2 are certainly familiar terms to football betting enthusiasts. Besides traditional bets, betting platforms continuously strive to develop and expand, aiming to enrich their betting portfolio. In today's sports betting world, one particularly appealing type of bet is the corner bet. What is this type of bet, and how do you participate? The following article will clarify this.

What is a corner bet?

Corner betting, also known as Corners, is one of the most popular forms of sports betting today. Participating in this type of bet, bettors don't need to agonize over the score, goals, or the number of cards in the match. What they need to do is predict the number of corner kicks, which team will take the first corner, and which team will take the last corner.

General principles of bookmakers in corner betting analysis

Betting platforms apply a very simple principle to corner betting, although there may be many variants of this bet type with different operations. Essentially, most betting platforms follow the principle below:

If the number of corners meets the condition of the first option at the end of the match, players who choose this option will win.

If the number of corners satisfies the condition of the other option, players who choose that option will also win.

Players who make the wrong choice will lose their bet. In some special cases, it may result in the loss of half the bet amount.

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Why should you choose corner bets when playing football betting?

When entering the world of betting, players are introduced to a diverse range of options, but for those who are new or have little experience, corner betting is an ideal choice.

Most bettors love corner betting because it is not only easy to play but also offers a high chance of winning with attractive rewards.

Some popular methods for analyzing corner bets today

If you're feeling bored with traditional betting options, try exploring super accurate methods to analyze corner bets today for a fresh experience.

Corner betting offers many variations with diverse rules and scoring methods. Below are some of the popular corner bet types in football betting today:

Over/Under bets

Over/Under Corner Bet is one of the most popular forms of betting, where players predict the total number of corner kicks compared to the number set by the bookmaker. If the prediction is correct, players will receive a reward.

Handicap corner bets

Similar to the Asian Handicap bet, this type of bet applies when there is a difference between two teams in terms of corner kick capabilities, based on the best app for football prediction and the betting market situation.

The outcome of winning or losing will be based on the number of corner kicks when the match concludes.

Corner bets for the first and last team to kick

In this type of bet, players will predict which team will be awarded the first/last corner kick in that particular match. While this bet is relatively easy to understand, it is not easy to play, as the corner kick odds are typically close to 50/50. Calculating which team will take the first/last corner is not straightforward due to its dependence on various factors.

1x2 corner odds

This bet is similar to the European 1x2 bet, where players have three options: win, draw, or lose. When placing this bet, the outcome is based on the number of corner kicks that both teams take in that match. If a player chooses a draw and the match concludes with an unequal number of corner kicks, the player will be considered as losing the bet.

Experts share experiences on playing corner bets with a very high win rate

In the world of sports betting, especially in corner bets, many bettors often rely on emotions rather than thorough analysis and deep understanding of the football match. To enhance the odds of winning bets, we would like to share some valuable experiences to help bettors make more informed decisions:

  • Bettors need to thoroughly research both teams before engaging in betting, including football tactics, offensive and defensive capabilities, and especially the starting lineup. This helps assess each team's control over the match and sure home win prediction which team is likely to be under more pressure. When betting on the first and last corner kicks, it's advisable to wait for a period after the match starts to get an overview of the actual situation on the field. Typically, the team in control will secure the first corner kick by launching a strong attack on the opponent's goal.

  • Actively learn from those who have gone before, the experts in the field of betting, to supplement knowledge and skills. Importantly, learn how to think and invest betting money effectively from them.

By applying the above advice and actively researching strategies, match statistics, and information about the teams and tournaments, bettors can increase their chances of winning when participating in corner bets. Don't forget, understanding and thorough analysis are always the keys to success in football betting.


Have you locked in your corner bet, folks? By now, you've probably got quite a handful of tips to play this bet, haven't you? Now all that's left is to choose an exciting match, analyze it carefully, and a bit of luck will see the money rolling into your pocket!

Remember to visit regularly for updates on more good bets and sharing experiences with everyone. Good luck and may you win big!


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